Dry to Wet environment with some Photoshop editing

This is a shot of the US Grant Hotel. This is my first attempt at a timed exposure shoot.   I have no clue of what I’m doing.   This photo was still underexposed, so I think I could have added more time on the open shutter. Like most of my shots, I look at the pic… and back it up and forget about it. Come back to it a month later, and mess around with it on Photoshop.

This day was drizzling a little, but not wet. My Sony A7riii is known for lack of weather resistance, so I wouldn’t be out with my camera in weather like in my final edited picture looks like. First part of the edit was take my underexposed picture and brightened and pull up highlights. Most of pre-editing was done under “Camera Raw” in Photoshop. Next, I selected most of the hotel minus the street, copy and pasted into a new layer. Next, I flipped the image horizontal and brought it down for the reflection on the street. Did a little adjustments to make the street look wet. Last, added the lightning (credit to the maker). Here is the before and after edit:

US Grant Hotel in Downtown San Diego. Before and After animation

I’m having a lot of fun learning about my camera. I wish I could nail down exposure in camera instead of doing a lot of editing, but at the same time… editing is where I have the most fun and satisfaction.

Let me know your thoughts on this picture. If you have any suggestions on questions on my edit, please leave a comment below.