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Android Community Mods

Padgoi Coffee Diary Flying Tourbillon Cream


***NOTE*** I believe this downloads into your phone as a .zip. You will have to rename the .zip to .klwp then move it into the /KUSTOM/wallpaper folder. The KLWP widgit is not locked down you can add mods to and adjust. This was made for the community to mod, change, and share.

Padgoi's Tweet

Coffee Diary #8 via #klwp - Flying Tourbillon. Real moon phases and weather effects. Thx 2 @ulysseleviet for original iPhone theme. @Coccco28 for Rustic Dynasty icons. @DacalMe for UNiaW. @kleinmone @mary48336 @spencerdawson3 @Fattone66 @daddykool666 @era4ser

NOTE: This isn't a mod I made. If you want to donate, you can paypal

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