Wind Havoc day in La Jolla

This is a Portrait photoshoot with San Diego Fashion Blogger, Ivanah Brown.  You can follower Ivanah on Instagram @ivanahbe.  This was taken in La Jolla near the La Valencia Hotel.   It was raining all week long, but this was one day where the rain stopped, and continued to rain days after.   Like most shoots near the coast/beaches, we dealt with a lot of wind.   Before this shot, we did s a street shot with Ivanah’s hair blowing in different directions.   Probably why we went with the hat… LOL…

This was pretty much a walk around shoot, so I didn’t give Ivanah a chance to really fix her hair at each location.  With my bad eyes, I didn’t really see all the strands of hair crossing over her face until I started zooming in on pics at home.  We’ve been shooting with the 16-35mm GM lens, but this shot, I went with the 24-70mm GM lens.   I like the construction sites for shoots, but wanted to compress and blur the background on this shot.

I tried to clean up most of the strands of hair crossing over her face.   This was all done in Photoshop which I prefer to use for editing.. especially on closeup shots.  The before and after shot slider features the strands of hair I removed from her face during post process editing.

Ivanah Brown. Instagram ivanahabe. La Jolla California San Diego

Gear and Settings:

Sony A7riii
Sony 24-70mm G Master f/2.8 @ 70mm
1/250 s
ISO 200
Edited in Photoshop

What I learned and what I would do differently?

With all the rain we had, we were very fortunate to have a day of clear weather on a Saturday.   It was overcast, but for a portrait photoshoot, I love the clouds.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing.   Had a lot of run on this shoot, and a pleasure to collaborate with Ivanah Brown.  Contact Ivanah through Instagram if you want to do any collaborations with her.  Great personality, and easy to work with.